Older Persons: Celebrating Wellness & Awareness

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On the 9th of October 2023, an exceptional event took place in Qalamun, celebrating the International Day of Older Persons in a unique and meaningful way. The event was organized by IDRAAC in partnership with HelpAge International and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO).

The event, held under the theme "Redefining the Golden Years," aimed to honor and support older individuals while raising awareness about their mental health. It was a day filled with activities, wellness, and educational sessions that left a lasting impact on the attendees.

The event included a variety of activities designed to promote physical and mental well-being among the elderly. These activities included yoga sessions that not only provided a gentle workout but also emphasized the importance of mindfulness and relaxation. 

Art therapy, a creative and therapeutic approach, allowed participants to express themselves through art, enhancing their emotional well-being and providing an outlet for self-expression.

Games added a fun and social element to the day, promoting engagement and interaction among the attendees, and breaking the barriers of isolation that can affect older individuals. 

Furthermore, the event featured awareness sessions about mental health, delivered by experts in psychology and psychiatry. These sessions aimed to destigmatize mental health issues and emphasize that "Mental Wellness Matters" for people of all ages. The overarching message was clear: "You Are Not Alone," and it's essential to "Seek Help, Speak Up."

The day was a testament to the importance of supporting each other and creating a strong community for older individuals. The event's hashtag, #OlderNotOver, reflects the idea that life continues to hold meaning and value as we age. 

The collaboration between IDRAAC, HelpAge International, and the support of the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) demonstrated a collective commitment to ensuring the well-being and mental health of older individuals. By organizing such an event, we provided a platform to celebrate the golden years and break the stigma surrounding mental health in older age.

As IDRAAC, we express our gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to making the event a success. The organization continues its mission to raise awareness about mental health issues, and its dedication to creating a world where mental well-being is valued is evident in its tireless efforts.

As we commemorate the International Day of Older Persons in 2023, events like this highlight the significance of addressing mental health issues among the elderly. The message is clear - it's never too late to prioritize mental wellness, and it's a collective responsibility to support the older generations as they redefine the golden years.  

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