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After the Beirut Blast, IDRAAC organized different trainings for mental health professionals and the general public:


- Trainings and Workshops for Professionals: which addressed the psychological responses to trauma, psychological first aid and intervention, and strategies for referral. These trainings targeted mental health professionals and allowed for a better response from frontliners and have guided the referral process to the walk-in clinic which offered the needed care to those affected by the blast.


- Training and Workshops for the Community: which covered topics related to trauma, coping skills, stress and anger management. In addition, these trainings raised awareness on different mental health topics such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance use disorder as well as sexual identity.


- Webinars and Online Trainings: where members of IDRAAC had the opportunity to share tips and coping techniques related to mental health in difficult times (following the blast, COVID-19 & lockdown, economic collapse) with different audiences (students and employees in different fields: education, healthcare, businesses, etc...). You can check the latest on the following link. 

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