Mental Health Awareness Lectures

IDRAAC’s members regularly offer mental health awareness lectures on several mental health topics periodically in different areas in Lebanon and targeting different target audiences. IDRAAC also invites international speakers to share the latest advancements in mental health with the Lebanese public.

In addition, IDRAAC’s members offer awareness lectures in schools for parents, students and teachers as well as universities since the establishment of IDRAAC.

The aim of the parental lectures is to raise awareness on the importance of mental health since childhood and adolescence, to educate parents on how to identify if their children need professional help and to empower them on the best strategies to be used to educate their children without the use of violence.

The teacher’s lectures also aim at giving the teachers the tools to identify and deal with students who might have psychological problems and to introduce them to different mental health problems and determinants of mental health. Lectures cover a wide range of topics such as: common mental health conditions in children and adolescents, bullying, decreased concentration, dealing with problems in the classroom, resilience building techniques, psychological abuse, emotional neglect, internet and computer addiction, influence of social media on children and adolescents.

In addition, IDRAAC regularly provides awareness lectures for university students followed by Questions & Answers sessions to raise awareness and answer their questions.


You can visit our News section  to know more about our upcoming and previous awareness lectures.

Mental Health Awareness Lectures
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