Mental Health Research in the Arab World

IDRAAC has compiled the abstracts of published papers related to Mental Health Research in the Arab World. This database is periodically updated and the latest version covers articles from 1920 to 2018. Please enter in the box below a single word related to your search. This word can be a topic you are interested in e.g. "depression", "suicide", "anxiety", "adolescents" etc... or the last name of an author. A list of titles of the papers, authors and sources will be displayed. You can click on "view" to read the abstract of the paper you are interested in.


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  • Anxiete et paludisme. = Anxiety and malaria.
    Vinchon, J
    Journal de Psychologie, 17, 1920 : 711-720.
  • Twenty-eight Years' Lunacy Experience in Egypt.
    Warnock, J.
    Journal of Mental Science. 30 1924, 579-612
  • A short psychology of religion
    Jordan, G. J.
    Oxford, England: Harper, 1927. 160 pp. [Book]
  • Peoples of Bible lands and their attitude toward mental disease.
    Baldwin, N. A.
    Mental Hygiene. 12 1928, 378-384.
  • Les réactions des persecutés observés à Damas. = Reactions in persecution psychoses observed at Damascus
    Jude, R., Hakkin, A.,
    Hygiène Mentale, 23, 1928: 258-268.
  • Psychiatry and science
    Dearborn, G. V. N.
    Journal of Mental Science, 74, 1928: 203-223
  • The encircled serpent
    Howey, M. O
    Oxford, England: Mckay, 1928. xi, 411 pp
  • Heroin addiction in Egypt.
    Biggam, A. G., Arafa, M. A., Ragab, A. F.
    Lancet. 222, 1932, 922-927.
  • Psychological aspects on Helsingfors trial.
    Harms, E., Folk Lore
    Mar 1934: 73-76
  • Some data on the psychic morbidity of Jews and Arabs in Palestine
    Halpern, L
    American Journal of Psychiatry, 94, 1938: 1215-1222.
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