Mental Health Treatment

In addition to being involved in research, raising awareness and providing community services, many of IDRAAC’s members (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers) are involved in delivering clinical services to patients and their families. Those services are often offered to people who are in need as either free or discounted consultations. Moreover, these services comprise free education and orientation sessions for parents or caretakers of patients diagnosed with mental health disorders, as each disorder has its specific manifestations and needs particular considerations for adequate management and treatment. Each year, our members offer around 2000 free visits to patients. In addition to these free clinical consultations, our members undertake visits to homebound elderly people and those with debilitating diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease, who are unable to come to the clinics.

The cases are referred by:

  • Social workers as part of the community services projects carried out by IDRAAC,
  • Medical specialists who refer persons who cannot afford treatment services,
  • Governmental bodies who refer cases in times of crisis,
  • MIND members (IDRAAC’s sister organization) who refer persons in need of treatment, and
  • IDRAAC members who refer persons in need of treatment.

However, in some cases, IDRAAC’s members organize crisis cells at the vicinity of areas that are mostly affected by traumatic events where people who feel they are in need of psychosocial support can reach to professionals directly.
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