Community Programs

Since its establishment, IDRAAC has started several community programs which aim at building the capacity of the Lebanese population in different areas of mental health and offering psychosocial support to the most vulnerable populations. The following are some of IDRAAC’s community programs which have been implemented in different projects:
  • The Elderly Empowerment Program
    The overall objective of this program is to reintegrate the elderly into the community at large by developing a database of opportunities that engage the elderly in the community and increasing public awareness about the social rights and the needs of the elderly. This program was implemented in collaboration with the Municipality of Jbail-Byblos and funded by the European Union and we are planning to replicate this experience in other regions of Lebanon.

  • The School Program for Building Resilience and Coping
    This program teaches school students resilience building techniques and strategies to enable them to face stressful situations as children and through adulthood as well. It also involves training of teachers to be able to teach these skills to other teachers and students. This program has been implemented in different schools since 2009 and targeted Lebanese, Iraqi, and Syrian students.

  • Parental Training and Capacity Building Program
    This program focuses on developing alternative strategies for parenting children with the goal of decreasing violence and physical abuse towards their children. This program has been implemented since 2005 and targeted Lebanese and Syrian parents.

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Training Program
    IDRAAC’s team of professionals and clinicians delivers mental health trainings to different populations aiming at raising awareness on the importance of mental health in everyday life and in emergencies. These trainings can be conducted in schools, ministries, syndicates, non-governmental agencies, and business corporations and cover a wide range of topics. They also give the chance for attendees to discuss their questions and concerns regarding mental health with professionals.

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