Launching the First Training of Trainers Session for the Mental Health in the Workplace Initiative

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On June 19 and 20, 2023 we have launched the first Training of Trainers session for Mental Health in the Workplace on June 19-20, tailored for different organizations and businesses. This project is in collaboration with the National Mental Health Programme at the Ministry of Public Health and the support of the International Rescue Committee, the World Bank, and the technical support of the World Health Organization.

The training focuses on the bi-directional relationship between Mental Health and the Workplace. It is a continuity of the national mental health in the workplace initiative initiated by the National Mental Health Programme and the World Health Organization in 2019.

During the training, warning signs of common mental health conditions were shared by the trainers, Psychiatrist Dr. Georges Karam and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Zaher Krayem, and participants were trained on identifying workplace stressors, understanding the impact of stress, designing policies that support mental health and productivity, and acquiring skills like self-care, stress management, and communication, to support colleagues and invite them to seek help.

This training is a specialized program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to become trainers for Mental Health in their Workplace and create Mental Health Champions who advocate for Mental Health in their organizations.

If you are interested in joining our series of training in the coming months, please reach out by email on

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