THE TEC-MED Model Training Initiation

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After the past two year of preparations, IDRAAC and all TEC-MED project partners are setting the framework to start the pilot phase implementation.

This transcultural social and ethical model of care for old age, will allow to improve the care of the elderly through a thorough assessment and interventions through an online platform connecting older persons, their caregivers and a group of 6 Training Agents who will be in charge of implementing the model in the field.

IDRAAC has selected the 6 main training agents who will be in charge of implementing the model and has started their training in October 2021 so they are introduced to the basis of the project and the training and care platforms.

Their training also includes a revision of the assessment which includes evaluations of the older persons and caregivers according to different dimensions:
- Dependence
- Social Exclusion
- Health Conditions
- Physical & Functional Capacities
- Basic Needs
- Cognitive Abilities
- Emotional Management & Social Relations
- Ability to Promote a Healthy Life/Death
- Family Partners & Caregivers
- Socio-Economic Determinants

In addition, their training includes an overview of the needed interventions which will come in the form of:
-Case Management
-Referral to services and resources through available resource guides and collaborations with partners
-Education of older persons and caregivers through available materials produced for the project or available in the community.
-Capacity building and guidance through online or offline training and support for older persons, caregivers and relevant stakeholders.

The pilot phase in Lebanon is expected to start once the platforms are finalized and the trainings are completed which is expected to happen in the coming month.

Finally, the training of the TAs will include different evaluation and validation aspects and is crucial to make them agents of change and knowledge in the areas of old age and care support through an ethical, sustainable and cross-cultural model of care that can be replicated on a national and international levels.
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