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From the damages caused by the Beirut Blast on August 4 came a beautiful message of hope for people to keep believing in the hidden potential of Lebanon.

Annahar newspaper, IMPACT BBDO, and designer Zuhair Murad launched the "#RedressLebanon" campaign emanating from the same mesh, making a statement by transforming this material into art and adorning the city in a proper gown. Mesh material from Annahar was converted by Zuheir Murad into a couture dress and became a representation of the Lebanese people's beauty, fortitude, and tenacity in the face of ongoing tragedy and challenging economic and social conditions.

The main objective was to convey joy and optimism through its creation. He also used the newspaper headlines to make a satin belt that fell gracefully around the waist.

As per the Lebanon’s area in km2, the campaign launched an initiative to sell 10425 NFT of the design and all proceeds will go to support IDRAAC.

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