Empowering Women in Lebanon through Vocational Training and Job Creation to Respond to the Needs of Older People

IDRAAC, in collaboration with Alzheimer's Association Lebanon and with the support of the Australian Embassy - Beirut, Lebanon Direct Aid Program (DAP), started a new project which gives women the chance to get trained for free and have the opportunity to work as a certified caregiver for persons living with Alzheimer’s.

In Lebanon, 98% of patients with Alzheimer’s disease still live at home (Alzheimer Association Lebanon) posing real challenges for the affected person and a big burden to those who take up caregiving responsibilities. It is becoming harder for families because they either have to stop working and become caregivers, or cannot afford hiring expensive professional nurses, or are unable to deal with caregiver burden and stress. In order to prevent that, this project trained women home caregivers who can be hired and support patients at home. 

Recruited women received theoretical and practical training and are now able to work as certified home caregivers. 

You can check the details of their graduation ceremony on the  following link  as we all the press coverage of this project on the  following link.

To know more about this project, you can contact us on +961 76 030 083 email us on idraac@idraac.org