Beirut has witnessed a devastating blast leaving hundreds dead, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands homeless.

Our offices at St Georges Hospital University Medical Center (from where IDRAAC operates), were destroyed and the hospital suffered extensive damage leaving it nonfunctional for the first time in its 150 years of existence. Even worse, we lost 4 nurses (including one from the psychiatry unit), 12 patients and a visitor!

The psychological impact of this catastrophe is HUGE! This came in addition to the dire economic situation that Lebanon is going through and the COVID-19 pandemic.

From day one, we activated a special hotline to be able to support anyone needing psychological help. We also started a walk in clinic providing care to any person affected from that blast.

Your support is greatly needed for the sake of mental health in Lebanon!

We need to rebuild the inpatient and outpatient facilities as well as well continue offering FREE services to any person affected from the blast.

We count on your generosity to help us continue in our mission!

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