Mental Health Research in the Arab World

IDRAAC has compiled the abstracts of published papers related to Mental Health Research in the Arab World until July 2012. This database is periodically updated and the latest version will be published in 2019. Please enter in the box below a single word related to your search. This word can be a topic you are interested in e.g. "depression", "suicide", "anxiety", "adolescents" etc... or the name of an author. A list of titles of the papers, authors and sources will be displayed. You can click on "view" to read the abstract of the paper you are interested in.


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  • Psychoemotional stress and type 1 diabetes: The point of view of patients.
    Ababou-M-R; Ouassif-A
    Diabetologia 40(SUPPL. 1): A631
  • The role of educational counsellors in Kuwaiti secondary schools
    Abal-K; Hornby-G
    Couns-Psychol-Q. 8/4 (333-343) 1995 CP: United-Kingdom
  • Self-esteem and locus of control of college men in Saudi Arabia
    Psychol-Rep. 65/3 II (1323-1326) 1989
  • Circadian rhythm of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in normal subjects and neutropenic hospitalised patients.
    Abdelaal-M; Hashim-I; Jeje-O; Sobhi-E; Felimban-S
    Blood 90(10 SUPPL. 1 PART 2): 181B
  • Elderly in Egypt.
    Journal-of-Gerontological-Nursing; 1986 May Vol 12(5) 35-38
  • A step forward for opponents of female genital mutilation in Egypt.
    Lancet. 1997 Jan 11; 349(9045): 129-30
  • Construction and validation of the Egyptian Children's Depression Scale.
    Derasat-Nafseyah; 1991 Apr Vol 1(2) 219-251
  • Egyptian results on the Standard Progressive Matrices.
    Personality-and-Individual-Differences; 1988 Vol 9(1) 193-195
  • The development and validation of an Arabic form of the STAI: Egyptian results.
    Personality-and-Individual-Differences; 1989 Vol 10(3) 277-285
  • A survey of fears associated with Iraqi aggression among Kuwaiti children and adolescents: A factorial study 5.7 years after the Gulf War.
    Psychological-Reports. 1997 Aug; Vol 81(1): 247-255
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