Sources of Funding


Granting Agency
Project’s Name
French Embassy
Addressing the Needs of the Total Assyrian Community in Lebanon
This project aims at empowering the Assyrian Hosting and Refugee community in Lebanon through providing mental health and psychosocial support to the entire Assyrian community via capacity building of Assyrian volunteers from within the community, and through providing medical and mental health support to the elderly.
November 01, 2015
European Union
The Elderly Empowerment Project
The aim of this project is to reintegrate the elderly into the community at large by developing a database of opportunities that engage the elderly in the community and increasing public awareness about the social rights and the needs of the elderly.
June 01, 2015
Substance Use Awareness and Prevention Program for Medical Students
This project aimed at assessing and improving the level of awareness of the risks of substance use among medical students at a leading medical school in Lebanon.
January 01, 2015
US Embassy Small Grants Program
Turning Teachers into Educators of Tolerance and Conflict Resolution in Lebanese Schools
The aim of this project was to train public school teachers to deliver coping strategies and resilience building aiming to decrease violence and conflicts among youth students
September 30, 2013
Department of State, the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration/ UNFPA
Wellbeing of Syrian Refugee Families -mainly women and youth- in Lebanon: An Integrated Intervention
The aim of this project was to increase awareness about mental health problem among Syrian refugees, to build the capacity of refugees mothers to decrease physical abuse and violence towards their children and to convert school teacher of Syrian children to become mediators of resilience
February 04, 2013
Alzheimer’s Association
Setting up the infrastructure of early diagnosis of dementia in Lebanon
The aim of this project was to translate and validate into Arabic several internationally used scales to detect dementia, depression and anxiety in order to improve the diagnosis, treatment and wellbeing of individuals affected by dementia.
January 14, 2013
America-Mideast Educational & training Services AMIDEAST / USAID
Building Foundations for Detection and Intervention for Development and Mental Problems
A manual was produced by IDRAAC as a guide for all public school teachers on Mental behavioral educational problems and how to deal with them in classroom
January 04, 2010
European Union
Building Resilience Among Lebanese Children Exposed to Armed Conflict: a school based intervention
The project’s aim was to build resilience and coping among children in Lebanon through the education of their teacher and the introduction of these skills in the regular curriculum
December 01, 2009
European Union- Afkar II MED
Alleviating the Burden of Mental Illness in Lebanon: Towards a Mental Health Act
This project’s aim was to assess the burden of mental disorders in Lebanon and to help to reduce it through lobbying for the rights of individuals with mental disorders to seek and receive appropriate treatment and follow-up
July 01, 2007
Fogarty International, NIMH, USA
Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Lebanon L.E.B.A.N.O.N.– World Mental Health Study
The goal was to create a nationally representative data on mental disorders in order to raise awareness about mental illness and to influence health-care policy in the Arab countries
March 31, 2007
Handicap International / ECHO program / European Union
Assessment Study of Psychosocial Status of Children and Adolescents in the South of Lebanon and Southern Suburbs of Beirut After the July 06 War (SSSS)
Psychosocial needs of Lebanese children and adolescents affected by the July 2006 war
March 31, 2007
Oxfam-Quebec / CIDA/ Canadian Fund for social development (CFSD)
Parenting Skills Treatment Program for Mothers of Children with Behavioral Problems
The aim of this project was to increase awareness on behavioral problems among children and train social workers to use appropriate parenting skills to train mothers of children with behavioral problems
May 09, 2006
PTSD and the Lebanon Wars: Criteria and prevalence
The study aimed to assess the impact of the Lebanon wars on the mental health of the Lebanese population
January 01, 1989
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