40 Seconds of Action and Reflection

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On September 10, 2019, the World Health Organization launched the 40 Seconds of Action Campaign in an effort to increase awareness about suicide.

Data from the World Health Organization shows that every 40 seconds, 1 person dies of suicide in the world.

Throughout the months of September and October 2019, we will be sharing important facts and figures about suicide on our social media: Facebook,  Instagram  &  Twitter.

Important Facts about Suicide:

According to the World Health Organization's statistics: 

  • Every 40 seconds, 1 person dies of suicide 
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people aged 15-29 years
  • Suicide is PREVENTABLE: early identification, management and follow-up of people at risk of suicide have been proven to reduce suicide
  • For every person who dies from suicide, 20 people make a suicide attempt

According to IDRAAC's studies on suicide: 

  • Data on completed suicide needs to be better reported in Lebanon & the Arab World
  • Suicidal behavior is the highest among people aged 18-34
  • Mental disorders are strong predictors of suicidal behavior stressing once again on the importance of identification, management and follow-up of people at risk of suicide
  • Risk factors for suicide which have been identified through our research include: childhood adversities and trauma, temperament, parental psychopathology, psychotic experiences, and childhood specific phobias.
  • In Lebanon, across all ages,

    1 in 20 seriously thought of suicide

    1 in 60 planned for suicide

    1 in 50 Attempted Suicide

    throughout their lifetime.

  • The association of war with increased risk of suicidality appears to be partially explained by the emergence of mental disorders in the context of war. In fact, exposure to war may exacerbate disinhibition among those who have prior impulse-control disorders, thus magnifying the association of mental disorders with suicidality. In addition, our studies on war and suicide have demonstrated that it is mental disorders and not the period before, during, or after war that determines suicide attempts.
  • Suicidality in Lebanon is very close to the world’s average. Lebanon’s rate of suicide attempts were almost around the mean value of suicide attempts in surveyed countries (17 countries) (2% in Lebanon versus 2.7% in the total sample surveyed).

IDRAAC's Research on Suicide:

40 seconds of Facts About Suicide:

Reaching out for help:

If you are experiencing emotional distress or suicidal thoughts, reach out for help.

It is also important to keep an open eye for any changes in behavior that young people might experience and reach out for help when needed. 

You can call us on 03-730475 or the National Suicide Helpline in Lebanon – Embrace Lifeline at 1564.  


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