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My Partner is the Devil

Author: 25 years old female, Lebanon
My current partner and I, did everything we can, defied every single person who told us we cannot be together, just so we can be together. The start of our relationship was amazing, he was so loving. Then not only 6 months later, had he started changing. First of all, he started to downgrade me a lot, saying stuff like "you need to lose weight you are too fat" or "why are you so short" or "dress something nice", etc. Then he started disappearing, like literally going days without uttering any word to me, the silence KILLED me. Also, he once told me he doesn’t love me anymore, and 5 days later he said sorry and that he still loves me. I know this is one of the most toxic relationships ever, and I do not know why I can't break free. I do not know why I still love the person who treats me like trash. I need help. I need to leave this, but I can't. I need the ability to end this relationship.  

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