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A Broken Family

Author: 20 years old female, Lebanon
Being a child of a broken family, emotional trauma has always been a huge part of my personality. Family who was supposed to be the first line of defense against anything had members who made me live through physical and emotional abuse. Bruises could be seen clearly yet when mentioned to others in seek of comfort, accusations of making it up seemed to appear. Sentences like "you will never make it" and "just quit already" were very frequent. Sexism seemed to get a role in all that to emphasize the point of "not being able to contribute to society" especially as a girl. After a slap becoming my wake up call, I decided to change everything and take control of my life. I went to counseling, reflected upon my actions and interpreted my feelings. After that, I worked on channeling my anger into trying to change the world into a better place. My rage became the fuel of my contribution to social work and that made it shine. Choosing a network of friends which cushioned my emotional wellbeing and mental health was also a crucial step for change. As said each one of us is a train wreck in their own way, yet there is something freeing about not trying to hide it but bulldozing through life with it. So, mend your wounds then aid others in their battles.

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