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Maternal Sacrifice

Author: 19 years old male, Lebanon
It happened to be on April 25, 2001 when I was born. That day was supposed to be a happy day for my parents, yet a medical error that could have been prevented ruined that day and caused nerve damages to my mom. It's been so hard to know that my mom suffered for almost 12 hours while giving birth to me due to a medical error, which ended up paralyzing her lower limbs. After so many years of psychological and mental suffering, I took an oath to dedicate my whole time helping her by doing whatever she needs. I never stopped searching for a way or another to heal every damaged nerve as much as I and specialists can. Thank God, she's achieving an enormous progress in her treatment now, and hopefully within a year she will get back her normal body movement. What I wish to tell everyone suffering at the moment is that you are not alone. During these tough times, you don't have to struggle in silence. Speak up to find someone who can relieve your struggles.

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