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The Climb

Author: 20 years old female, Afghanistan
Math has never been easy for me. I struggled with this subject excessively in school; nevertheless, I decided to pursue an economics major and deal with a higher level of mathematics and statistics in university. I tried my best to deal with it and figure out different ways of leaning it; however, it was not an easy path. I realized in my last semester that my inability to master this subject is putting me under a great deal of mental and physical pressure. I noticed that it is making me constantly stressed. I knew that if I didn’t do something about it, I will end up with depression; however, this all happened at a time when I never believed in psychological treatment until I gave it a try and asked for help from different specialists in the counseling center at my university. All I wanted to say through this story of mine is that we all go through bad times where we feel the urge to overcome our weakness and ask for help from those whom we trust; therefore, I would love to remind everyone that asking for help is not and was never anything shameful

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