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New Place, New Me

Author: 21 years old, Egypt
I was in 2nd grade and obviously not mature yet, but I witnessed leaving my family behind and having to go live somewhere else, a whole new place, new people different language. One of the biggest things that had an impact in my life since I was young is when I traveled to NYC. It was very tough because I had to build myself with myself. I did not know anyone there for like the first 5 months and I was not that much of the “social “person back. I was 6 or 7 years old, and even my home language (Arabic) was not perfect. I tried hard to learn English and in like a year I got their accent too. Since I grew up in NYC, I learned to think from their perspectives being a more open minded in comparison with most of my family and friends who have a Middle Eastern point of view. This experience, despite its difficulty, gave me experience and taught me a lot in every aspect of my life. It literally shaped my personality and made me who I am today, more open minded, bilingual, confident, and definitely stronger. 

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