Les Sixièmes Assises de Psychiatrie Privée de Sfax et du Sud

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Dr. Elie Karam, Adult Psychiatrist and President of IDRAAC & Dr. Aimée Nasser Karam, Adult Clinical Psychologist, President of the Lebanese Psychological Association & Board Member of IDRAAC were both invited to give a conference in Tunisia during “Les Sixièmes Assises de Psychiatrie Privée de Sfax et du Sud" on October 19, 2019, under the theme “Roots of Bipolarity: Emotional Affective Coding“ ("Racines de la Bipolarité : Les Codes Affectifs Naturels"). 

Dr. Elie Karam gave a presentation titled: “Beyond Hypomania: The Role of the Cyclothymic-Irritable Temperament in the Screening of a “Bipolar Niche””. 
Dr. Aimée Nasser Karam presented on “Temperaments and Adaptation of Psychotherapies for Bipolar Disorder Patients”.

This event was attended by psychiatrists and psychologists from several countries and covered the latest scientific updates on Bipolar Disorders and their treatment.

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