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The IDRAAC team took part in the 49th Middle East Medical Assembly (MEMA) which took place from April 19-22, 2018 at the American University of Beirut. This year's them was "Mental Health Accross the Lifespan" and members of IDRAAC gave several presentations:


- On Friday 20 April, 2018:

Dr. Elie Karam gave a presentation about "Mood Disorders in Lebanon" during a session on Mood Disorders and Dr. Georges Karam gave a presentation about "Screening for Depression in Older Adults" in a session on Mental Health in Primary Care.

- On Saturday 21 April, 2018: 

Dr. Elie Karam took part in a pannel discussion regarding “Mental Health Research in the Arab World: Challenges and opportunities to Collaborate” and Dr. John Fayyad gave a presentation about "Evidence from Resilience-Building Interventions in Lebanese Schools" during a session on Trauma and Related Disorders. 

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